Planning Ahead

Getting Started is Easy

Taking the time to make arrangements in advance is important for you and your loved ones. Doing so allows you to make logical, thoughtful arrangements your family will appreciate, as well as allowing you time to tend to every detail.

We’ve created this easy to use form that lets you start the process by gathering basic information. Once we receive this information, our funeral home will contact you (if desired) to finalize your arrangements, or you can just ask us to keep this information on file.

Secure Online Preplanning Form

Benefits of Preplanning

Lets Your Wishes Be Known

The death of a loved one often brings about unwarranted stress and turmoil among families. One family member wants one thing, while another family member wants something different. By planning ahead, you help prevent those disagreements by letting your family know what your wishes are and how you want your funeral service to be carried out and your business handled.

Peace of Mind

Our staff will carry out the arrangements you want, just as you directed. Once the plans have been arranged, you and your family can rest easy knowing at the time of death, those uncomfortable decisions have been made. In a time when a family should be able to easily grieve, preplanning allows for that to happen.

Flexible Funding Options

A prearranged insurance policy has several different payment options and plans that can all be arranged before the time of death.

Relieves The Burden From Family

Following the death of a loved one, there are more than 150 decisions that have to be made within the first day or two following the death. Those stressful decisions on top of the stress of grieving a loss can be eliminated by arranging your final wishes ahead of time. If those decisions are made, your loved one’s aren’t left wondering what you would have wanted and how they should proceed with funeral plans. With those decisions out of the way, your loved one can begin the healing process sooner.

Common Questions about Preplanning