Monuments & Headstones

Custom Monuments

Custom Monuments are not commonly see in cemeteries and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These monuments allow for creativity and imagination.

View Some of Our Custom Shapes

Below are some of the custom shapes that we have created. You can choose one of these custom shapes or creative one of your own. Our designers will assist you in  the design process and help you create a monument that reflects your own unique ideas. For further questions or pricing please contact us.

Flowing Light Grey Pinnacle with Scalloped Edges

Forest Green Apex

Heart Pedestal

Light Grey Rustic Boulder


Mahogany Serp Top

Paradiso Heart With Climbing Roses

Peeking Teddy Bear

Red Angel Heart

Regal Exagerated Half Serp 

Rose Colored Flame with Climbing Roses

Scalloped Edge Trop Green Pinnacle

Sunset Red Standard Serp W Plynth

Tree Trunk Tropical Green

Climbing Rose On Rough Hewn Light Grey

Charlie Hunt Model

Bahama Blue Beveled Edge Half Serp

ClimbingRose On Paradiso Stone